HTML5 Signature Pad

SuperSignature is the reliable, easy to use and fully documented and supported HTML5 signature pad. We have a global client base using the signature script for over 5 years now. You can reviews about our HTML5 signature pad. With the introduction of HTML5 in modern browsers, it is very easy to capture signatures online. The users can sign from the web browser using mouse or finger touch (mobile devices and touch enabled laptops).

There are many free HTML5 signature pad available. However they lack proper support and they might not be actively developed like SuperSignature is. We have solutions available for all different platform languages., PHP, Java, CF scripts are provided. There is no need to install anything on client side or server setup. You can see working demo of our HTML5 signature pad on right side of this page.

Instead of using a free solution, we strongly suggest to invest little $ and go for a well-supported online signature solution. Which is trusted by fortune 500 companies over past years. Our licensing model is very simple and we offer upgrades also. There are no limitations on how many users or developers are using this product. To know more about the SuperSignature versions, click on the link.

We use jQuery to capture signatures along with HTML5 canvas. The signature rendered are very smooth using Bezier curves. Our signature also has a “DOT” feature, which renders a single dot when mouse is just clicked or finger is tapped once. This makes signatures look very natural. Available on both desktop and mobile browsers. To see working demo, please click on the links on right side of this page. Hope you found useful information about our HTML5 signature pad script. Free trial download available on the SuperSignature website.

SuperSignature is the best HTML5 Signature Pad